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Recognizing the major birthday milestones of loved ones is always deserving of a special celebration. Planning a surprise party can make it even more exciting! This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s worth it! At the end of it all, it will mean the world to that special someone when they are surprised by the people they love the most. To successfully execute the perfect party sneak attack, keep in mind the following four tips:

  • While you’re running around making sure the caterer brought gluten free crab cakes or calling to make sure the 50 balloons you ordered will be delivered on time, don’t let yourself forget  one very important detail: the guest of honor! It’s all fun and games until you realize that the night of your party, he/she has already made plans to drive to Orlando for the weekend, leaving you and the guests high and dry. Make sure ahead of time that the VIP guest will be accessible and available on the day of the party. Do your best to work around their schedule as well as those of guests.

  • Get the word out, but carefully. This is where social media can be either our very best ally or our biggest enemy. Giving out full details too early to too many people is a surefire way to have your surprise ruined. Also, this is a surprise party, so don’t be afraid to put “SHHHHHHHHHH” on the evite or physical invitation. Make it clear to keep the party hush-hush!

  • It’s a good idea  to plan a ‘red herring’ event to keep your guest of honor from being suspicious. Plan a small get together or dinner on the day of their birthday to throw them off the scent of the larger surprise. This way, he/she will be able to still look presentable for what is to come. The worst situation would be to make that special someone be surprised with hugs and high-fives after a gym workout–no fun being the unkempt guest of honor when the photos start snapping.

  • If your VIP guest begins to get suspicious remember one steadfast rule… no matter what deny, deny, deny! If there is suspicion building up, try making a couple of changes that will still surprise the guest of honor. Continue pushing the ‘red herring’ event as being the only event planned and they should fall right back into your plans. You have put a lot of work into keeping this surprise party a secret so make sure to not let your curious special someone by giving away the secret too easily!

Planning a surprise and keeping a big secret can be challenging and stressful, so leave the actual party planning to Keith Watson Events, where experiences are created.  Whether it’s a small in-home celebration or a large venue party, our friends at Keith Watson Events will handle it all! From the décor to the music to managing a strict budget, their team strives to fully execute unique events down to the final details.

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