This Mother’s Day grace your mom with a day of  “a-whole-lot-of-nothing.” That’s right, no To Do lists, no errands, no cooking and definitely no housekeeping! Check out our list of ways to give her nothing to do.

Breakfast in bed. Not only are you taking the cooking out of her hands . . . but you’re also eliminating the need for her to get out of bed. Which do you think is more savory: the smell of sizzling bacon? Or not being the one cooking it?

The Gift of Anticipation. Tired of all the nagging about yard work or your Honey-Do List? Make it all go away by knocking it all out without having to be asked – that’s right – nothing to nag about!  You’ll have her speechless for the rest of the afternoon.

Spots to Sparkles. The ultimate Mother’s Day Gift:  a whole lot of nothing to clean. Break out the rubber gloves, vacuum, mop and duster and get ready to get greasy. OR you can book a house cleaning with one of our dream teams. We’ll send a cleaning task force that will be in and out of your space in hour. Treat your mom to lunch out (double whammy on the nothing to cook) or take her for a fun activity and have the house sparkling and spotless by the time you get back!

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