The idea that keeping a clean and tidy household increases the happiness level of the people living there may seem like simple common sense. After all, we all feel better when we return home at the end of a long day to a house that smells fresh and is uncluttered and dust-free. But did you ever stop to think about why we are happier in a clean home?

Turns out, studies show that the positive feelings people have about a clean living space are about more than just preferring pleasant smells around us or not enjoying the idea of breathing in dust. In fact, much of the joy that comes from residing in a clean home has to do with people who don’t even live there! According to reports, including a recent article in Psychology Today, a big reason why dirt and clutter cause unhappiness is that it results in feelings of guilt that make individuals less likely to host gatherings or invite family and friends to their home. Human beings are social creatures; when we have a living space we feel comfortable opening up to others, and we’re socializing as much as we’d like to, we’re more likely to feel content.

On the flip side, knowing your home isn’t as clean as it could be can cause stress when unexpected guests pop in. The idea that our family and friends might feel ‘icky’ in our house, or judge us for our level of cleanliness is extremely worrisome to most people. Thankfully, there is an easy solution: simply make a plan to keep your home clean! Keep up with clutter, be sure all members of the household are pitching in with tidying up and be sure to schedule yourself time to deep clean once every ten days or so.

If you need any help with regularly scheduled home cleanings, or are just looking for a break every now and then, Mini Maid is here to help. Contact us at (352) 374-4141 for more information.

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