Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

If you have a pet, they are most likely a beloved part of your family. You love them with all of your heart and can’t imagine life without them. And while the love you have for them is unconditional, it doesn’t mean that pets won’t provide challenges – like keeping your home clean. 

There’s dirt that gets dragged in after Fido was outside. Your beautiful cat may love to hang out on your sofa and leave behind some of her lovely, soft fur. And yes, there will be accidents on your floor. It’s just part of having a pet. But don’t worry. Keeping your home clean with pets can be managed when you follow these tips.

Brush Your Pet Regularly

Most pets are cute and cuddly with their soft coats. But all of that soft fur means that they shed – which means you can find pet hair anywhere that you allow your pet in your home. But if you brush your pet’s fur often, you can help to minimize the shedding, along with helping them to keep their coat and skin healthy. 

Vacuum and Sweep Often

But no matter how much you brush your pet’s coat, you’re still going to experience some shedding with most breeds. This means you can find hair collecting in all sorts of places, but especially on your carpets and floors. Take the time to vacuum and sweep often. You might look to purchase a vacuum that is specifically designed to combat pet hair or a robotic vacuum that you can set on a timer.

Choose Your Upholstery Wisely

Isn’t it relaxing to sit down at the end of the day and let your dog or cat settle in next to you? They can provide you with some pet love and you can give them a good back scratch or belly rub to show them some affection. Unfortunately, depending on your upholstery, you can find yourself often taking a lint brush to your furniture in hopes of getting rid of Sparky’s pet hair. That’s why you need to choose your upholstery wisely. Leather is probably your best choice but you can also look for fabrics that have a tight weave and are dark in color as they can help hide the pet hair. And if your upholstery needs to be freshened up, try using some baking soda.

Clean Their Paws

Your pets probably go outside to play or “do their business,” and that means their paws are probably tracking dirt into your home. If they always go in and out via the same door, keep a towel there to wipe off  their paws and reduce the amount of debris they’re bringing into your home.

Treat Pet “Accidents” Immediately

Pet “accidents” are going to happen – it’s just part of being a pet owner. The important thing is to clean up the area where the accident occurred as quickly as possible. This will prevent the carpet or wood from becoming stained and diminish odors.

Give Your Pet a Bath When Needed

If your pet is beginning to smell not-so-nice, then your home is probably heading in that direction, too. Giving your pet regular baths keeps them smelling great and your home smelling fresh. If you’re able to give your dog a bath yourself – go for it. Otherwise, find a fantastic pet spa who will treat your pet with loving care while bathing and grooming them.

Wash Pet Bedding

Make sure you have a bed for your pet that can easily be washed at home. While fluffy beds may look luxurious, they might not be able to go in the washing machine – which means you won’t wash them as often as you should. Pet bedding should be easy to launder regularly.

Have a Basket for Pet Toys

Have you ever received a text that someone is going to stop by your home unexpectedly? And then you rush around trying to pick things up so your place looks presentable? Keep a basket for pet toys so that you can quickly drop them in when guests are coming over.

Hire Help

If you find yourself short on time when it comes to cleaning, then a professional cleaning service is the way to go. Professionals are experienced when dealing with pets and can help to keep your home looking and smelling its absolute best. Be sure to look for a cleaning service that uses cleaning products that are eco-friendly and non-caustic and non-toxic to keep your family and pet safe.

Even with their shedding and occasional accidents, you probably can’t imagine life without your precious pet. Use these tips to help keep your home clean and smelling good, and be sure to call Mini Maid if you could use a little additional assistance

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