The holidays are one of the best times of year where families and friends get together to enjoy food, fun, and festivities. Unfortunately, they can also pose several safety and health concerns. From catching colds to the hazards of hanging holiday lights, there are a wide array of possible safety concerns that can occur.

This holiday season, make the health and safety of you and your family a priority. To help with this, the Mini Maid team has provided the following simple steps to keep you and your loved ones safe so that you can enjoy the holidays, hazard-free!

Home Security

‘Tis the season to start sprucing up your home with decor to set the holiday tone! However, seasonal lighting, holiday trees, and other decorations can pose hidden dangers. Here are a few key safety tips.

  • Lights Out – After all the work you put in putting them up, we know it can be tempting to keep your holiday decorations lit up all day and night — but this can become a major hazard. When you leave your house or turn in for the night, it is essential to power down all your holiday lights and electric decorations to avoid overheating and fires.
  • Timing – The holiday season is known for shopping and gift giving, and unfortunately, this also makes it a season when burglary rates tend to increase. To deter intruders, we suggest you invest in a home timer to automatically turn your lights on and off to give the impression that someone is home whenever you are away from the house. This is especially important if you plan to leave town for the holidays.
  • Entertaining – Between preparing food and tending to your guests, hosting your family’s holiday dinners can be a huge responsibility. But even if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it is vital that you always keep safety in mind! Be sure to never leave pots and pans unattended while cooking. Unattended pots are one of the number one causes of house fires in the U.S. An easy way to avoid this hazard is by setting timers to remind yourself to check on your tasty dishes!


Tidying Up

If you are hosting your family dinner this winter, chances are you are scrambling to clean and prepare for your family to visit. However, this shouldn’t be the only time you clean! During the winter months, germs tend to spread more quickly than normal as they thrive in the dry winter air. So, begin to get in the habit of cleaning and wiping down surfaces in your home on a weekly basis to avoid germs spreading in your home.

The Mini Maid team fully understands that life may get hectic during the holiday season, and cleaning may be the last thing on your mind. Give us a call us today, or request a free online quote, so you can spend less time worrying about cleaning and more time preparing for your happy holiday festivities!

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