Clean house?  Think again.

One word.  Bacteria.  Small little organisms that can do tremendous damage to you and your family. When you do regular cleanings around the house, you don’t think about the places that might harbor the most bacteria. These are the places you use everyday, yet they are the most dangerous to you. Here are the top five places where bacteria can live and thrive. Think about these when you’re next cleaning or better yet, send Mini Maid of Gainesville to worry about it for you.

  1. Kitchen sink – Leftover food passes through your sink everyday. Food particles can be left in the sink to grow more bacteria than you imagine. In some instances, your toilet can actually be cleaner than your sink. Your sink can grow bacteria as dangerous as E.coli and Salmonella. It is recommended that you clean the sink once a day with bleach and water solution. This will help fight the growth of those hidden dangers.

  2. Toothbrush – You use your toothbrush twice a day but never give it a thought after you finish using it. It is common for people to leave it out in the air while it is still damp. Bacteria love that moisture and will grow freely on your brush. This can cause several diseases to come through your toothbrush. A good thing is to leave your brush in a dry, clean area away from the toilet. Also lower your toilet lid when you flush because an enormous amount of bacteria can spread once you flush your toilet. Remember to change your toothbrush frequently, especially after you are sick.

  3. Salt and pepper shaker – You would never think that those shakers can carry so much bacteria, but it is one of the dirtiest places in your house. Most people overlook them when they are disinfecting their kitchens. You touch your salt and pepper shakers when cooking and through dinner and these bacteria are left there to grow. Research shows that about 14% of the cold flu virus was left on the shakers. Keep in mind when you are wiping down the counters to clean off these cooking tools.

  4. Remote control – You know that the remote control in a hotel is the dirtiest object in that room but have you ever thought back to your own? It’s dropped, stepped on, slipped through the couch and touched by everyone. It catches millions of germs from its trek through the day. Its one of those things that you don’t think would be very dirty so it doesn’t get cleaned like other things around your living room. The way to fight against it is to wipe down your remote control with disinfectant every week.

  5. Computer keyboard – If you’re like most people, you most likely try to multitask while on the computer. You eat, sneeze, and cough without washing your hands. This can cause your computer keyboard to harbor things like E.coli or Staph bacteria. Try not to leave crumbs and regularly use a keyboard duster to clean out the cracks. Also use disinfectant on the keys and wash your hands before you use the keyboard.

Clean isn’t clean until you’ve tackled the hidden bacteria in your home.  Call Mini Maid of Gainesville today for a free estimate on your home cleaning.

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