As cleaning pros, we want to share some tips about repurposed products that deliver fantastic results.

It’s time to put the five different cleaning solutions down and start using products that will give you the best results – naturally.


Newspapers for mirrors and glass

We know this sounds crazy, but it works! Once you try it, cleaning mirrors and glass will never be the same and you’ll be stocking your home with every copy of The Gainesville Sun that you can find. Simply take a page of newspaper, wet the paper till its fairly damp, and then wipe down the mirrors or windows in your home. You’ll be skeptical until the moment you see the great results.


Dryer Sheets everywhere

Does anyone else know a person whose home and cars are filled with dryer sheets in the most unusual places? Well these people are one step ahead of the rest! Not only are dryer sheets a great bug repellant and static cling remover, but they make a fantastic cleaning tool. Use them to dust, scrub your showers, and pick up hair around your house. You’ll save money on air fresheners too! They can be placed practically anywhere for a lovely, long lasting fresh scent.



Lemons aren’t just for lemonade

When life hands you lemons, use them all over your house for a natural and fresh smelling cleaner and disinfectant. Although you should rinse with some warm, soapy water afterwards, this is an effective and all-natural tool. Some of lemons’ best uses are as stain and odor removers. Rub a lemon in your bathtub to remove hard water gunk or use half of one to on food stains on your cutting board, and soak greasy stains in lemon juice overnight for spot-free clothing. A piece of lemon in boiling water can also create a disinfecting steam which makes cleaning microwaves a breeze. Place the lemon in a bowl of water and pop it in the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes, let it sit, then wipe down the microwave. The uses for lemons are endless.


Is there anything that you use to clean in an unexpected way? Share your cleaning tip with us on our Facebook page!

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