Tired of a cluttered closet? Get a head start on your Spring cleaning by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Mark the duds. When putting clothes away, face all your hangers the same in the same direction. Then the next time you wear that article of clothing, turn the hanger the other way. By this time next year, if any of the hangars are facing in the original direction, pass them on to the donate box and don’t look back!

Step 2: Play Mind Games. For some reason it’s always easier to give to a friend than stranger. Perhaps it’s the security of knowing you could always borrow it again if need be? Invite a friend or family member over to look through some of the things you’re considering getting rid of. Pass on anything that they express interest in.

Step 3: Make a profit. What makes parting with old clothes easier? A check! Stop holding onto clothing that you’re hoping to wear again one day! But you don’t have to give the good stuff for free. Take is to a consignment shop and see if they will buyback any of your unwanted clothes.

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