You can have the best products and provide impeccable service, but did you know that the appearance and cleanliness of your store or business can have a significant effect on whether a customer is going to purchase something from you or become a repeat customer? It’s true.

Retail News Insider conducted a survey of shoppers and found that two out of three customers would not return to a store that they believed was not adequately cleaned. But don’t despair. It also found that 93% of customers would return to the store they left if the retailer made cleaning a priority.  

So, maybe it’s time to take a look around your business. Is it as clean as you would like – especially those areas that customers and clients see on a regular basis? Do you even know what areas your customers are looking at? Here are some of the top spots that clients want to see looking their best when they enter your establishment.

Clean Exterior

The first thing a customer will look at it is your building exterior. Is it clean and neat? Is the sidewalk clear of debris? Do you have plants or flowers to enhance the appeal? Is your paint in good condition – free of chips and peels? Make sure your exterior starts off the customer experience on the right foot.

Clean Glass/Entryway

As a customer enters your business, they’re paying attention to your entryway. If you have a glass door, make sure it’s free of fingerprints. Be sure the area is clear of any mud or dirt that may have been dragged in from the outside. This may mean checking this area several times each day, depending on how many customers visit your business.

Clean Carpets/Floors

There’s nothing worse than looking down and seeing dirt or a wad of gum on the floor. Yuck! Be sure that carpet is being vacuumed frequently and shampooed regularly. Additionally, watch for threadbare and frayed areas – especially in high-traffic areas. If you have hardwood, keep them swept and clean and occasionally treat them with cleaners designated for hardwood.

Clean Counter Area

When a customer goes to checkout, they don’t want to see a counter area that’s cluttered and dirty. Be sure to keep this area neat and tidy. Ask your employees to keep drinks below the counter. Make sure the area is not overwhelmed with small items and excessive decor.

Clean Offices

Do you bring clients back to your office? What does it look like? Is your desk a mess? Does it smell like your lunch? Is the trash can overflowing? All of these things can be off-putting to your clients. You want your office to be a reflection of you and your abilities – therefore, it should look top-notch.

Clean Walls, Baseboards, and Fans

When was the last time you cleaned your walls, baseboards, and fan blades? Can’t remember? Then there is probably a lot of dust collecting here. Wipe these things down regularly to help cut down on the amount of dust in your business.

Clean Restrooms

If you allow customers to use your restrooms, be sure you’re paying particular attention to them. A dirty restroom can lead customers to think that this is how you conduct business – and that’s not a good impression.

Of course, keeping your business clean takes time – time which you could spend on growing your business. So what should you do? Contact Mini Maid for help. Mini Maid provides a full range of professional, eco-friendly commercial cleaning and janitorial services throughout Gainesville, Alachua, parts of High Springs, Melrose, Micanopy, and eastern portions of Newberry, FL.

We pride ourselves on keeping your business looking its best. Rachael Wacha, the owner of City Auto Repair, said, “I love Mini Maid. The crew is always so friendly and makes sure my shop is clean for my customers. I am so thankful for them! Thanks Mini Maid!”

Call us today to see how we can help! 

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