Cleaning is a lot of work, not to mention time consuming! And you might not realize it, but some of your cleaning habits could be making this tough job even tougher. To help you lighten the load, here are 8 bad cleaning habits you need to break.

Leaving the Shower Curtain Open

When your shower curtain is open, it bunches up and creates folds. These folds allow for mildew to build up, particularly on the curtain itself. After you take a shower, be sure to pull the curtain all the way closed. Because your curtain will dry more quickly, it’s less likely to mildew. 

This also goes for wet towels on the floor. While you may not find mildew on them specifically, you will certainly notice a smell. Hang them up to dry. Not only will you reduce that mildew smell, you can reuse them. 

Using Too Much Cleaner

Not only is using too much cleaner wasteful and expensive, residue from excessive cleaner actually becomes a dust and dirt magnet. Make sure to read the label and use the recommended amount of cleaner for the job. Also keep this in mind when doing laundry and dispensing dishwashing detergent. 

Improper Use of Cleaners

Make sure you are using a cleaner that is appropriate for the job. A cleaner that is too harsh could end up damaging your furniture or household surfaces. Take extra care when deciding what cleaners to use where kids and pets spend time. Be sure to check if the cleaner you are using is safe and what steps should be taken when using around your family. 

Think that one Lysol wipe can handle the whole bathroom, think again. Disinfecting wipes are for just that – disinfecting. They don’t remove dirt and grime. Clean your bathroom with a bathroom cleaner and towel. Save the wipes for small bacteria-ridden jobs. 

Failing to Read the Directions

Not only can using the wrong cleaner for the job be a problem so can using the right cleaner incorrectly. According to the directions, many cleaners are intended to “sit” for a period of time to effectively disinfect and loosen gunk. Failing to allow the cleaner enough time to work will either leave behind pesky germs or cause you extra work. You’ll be using a lot of “elbow grease” to get those shower tiles clean!

Leaving Dirty Dishes in the Sink

Now you may be asking yourself, if I’m not supposed to put them in the sink, where should I put them? In the dishwasher! As soon as you are finished using a dish, put it in the dishwasher. Allowing dirty dishes to stack up in the sink can cause odors, bacteria growth and attract insects.

Make it a daily habit to unload your dishwasher in the morning. This way it’s ready for dirty dishes throughout the day leaving your countertops clean and tidy! 

Dusting Last

You want to dust first and from top to bottom. As you move that swiffer across shelves and furniture, where do you think all that dust is falling? The the shelf below or the floor! By working your way down shelves and furniture, what dust doesn’t get trapped in your cloth or duster will fall to the floor. The last thing you should clean in your home is your floors. This way you’re sure to vacuum or sweep up any dust that fell.

Allowing Clutter

Stacks of mail, magazines and other papers can really make a space look messy. Counters and tables are not storage. Work to keep these spaces free from piles of paper and other clutter. If you need a place to store papers or mail, buy a pretty basket to place on a counter and, most importantly, never let the basket overflow. Empty it at the end of each week.  

Using Dirty Tools

A dirty duster just pushes around dust. A vacuum that hasn’t had a filter changed isn’t picking up anything. Take care of your cleaning supplies and clean them often. Read the manual for vacuums, washing machines and dishwashers and follow the instructions for proper cleaning. Replace dusters and towels often during cleaning. 

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