When it comes to keeping your home looking its best, you probably give it your best effort. You work to keep things neat and tidy and always try to follow best practices when it comes to making sure things are spic and span.

But did you know there are some common mistakes that people make when cleaning their homes? There are – and here are a few of them – so you don’t make the same ones!

Washing Your Windows on a Sunny Day

Of course, you want your windows to let in plenty of sunlight! And when you look out your windows on a sunny day, you may notice that they’re dirty. But that’s not the day to go and clean them. On a sunny day, your window cleaner will evaporate more quickly and leave you with streaks. Clean your windows on a cloudy day to help prevent leaving annoying streaks and spots.

Overloading Your Dishwasher

Who wants to hand wash dishes? Nobody. And if you’ve prepared a big meal, and you have a sink full of them, it can be tempting to jam them all into the dishwasher but try to avoid this. A dishwasher crammed full can’t do its job properly. Fill it to a reasonable capacity and run a second load if needed.

Not Emptying Your Vacuum

When was the last time you emptied your vacuum canister or changed the bag? Has it been a while? Then you may not be picking up everything you hope to when you run your vacuum. If you have a bag vacuum, check its capacity regularly, and if you have a canister, empty after every use.

Using the Wrong Cleaners on the Wrong Surfaces

Do you have an assortment of cleaners under your sink? Do you know which cleaners are to be used on which surfaces? You definitely want to read the labels and make sure you’re using them where they should be. This can prevent you from damaging surfaces (i.e., hardwoods, granites, marble, etc.) and having to replace them more frequently.

Forgetting to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

You love having a garbage disposal, and you know what can go in it, but don’t forget to clean it. If you don’t regularly clean your garbage disposal, it may be the culprit when you notice a mysterious odor in your kitchen. Don’t worry! They’re not super hard to clean, and you probably have everything you need to do it right now!

Not Cleaning Your Appliances

You probably give your appliances a good workout – lots of laundry in the washing machine, dishes in the dishwasher, and meals being cooked in your oven. Because of all this hard work, you need to show your appliances a little love and clean them too. Laundry machines can develop an odor (especially front loaders), burnt-on food can change the flavor of your favorite dishes, and a dirty dishwasher can get clogged and stop working.

Cleaning From Floor to Ceiling

Did you read this mistake and think, “What’s wrong with that?” It sounds right, but you actually want to clean from ceiling to floor. When you start at the top and work your way down, any dirt and debris can fall to the lower surfaces. The very last thing you should clean is your floors so you can get all of the dirt up.

Are you guilty of making any of these mistakes when you clean? Don’t fret! Most of them are not too major and easily correctable!

Of course, if you want to have your home cleaned by professionals, let Mini Maid help. Our experienced cleaners know all of the tricks to make your home shine and they’re trained to avoid common cleaning pitfalls. You can request a free online quote by visiting our website!

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