With everything going on in your life, sometimes it’s easy to put cleaning on the back burner. However, when chores accumulate it just adds more stress and anxiety. The good news is that there’s a simple solution – a cleaning schedule!

An effective cleaning plan can be your saving grace when it comes to keeping your home in order. One suggestion we have for creating your schedule is to establish daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks. From there, you can decide how to sort your chores.

We’ve given you a possible guideline to help you stay organized and keep track of what needs to be cleaned in your home.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Your daily cleaning tasks should be the easiest ones to tackle. The goal of these chores is to let you stay on top of things. By quickly doing these tasks each day, and not letting them add up, you can save yourself a lot of time in the long run.

A few to include:

  • Make the bed

  • Unload the dishwasher

  • Sweep the kitchen

  • Wipe the countertops

  • Tidy the living room

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Each day of the week you should try to focus on cleaning different areas of your home. We recommend cleaning one part of the house each day of the week. Because you’re only completing one of these tasks per day, you can spend a bit more time on them. For instance, you could vacuum the kid’s rooms on Mondays, clean the bathroom on Tuesdays, wash your bedding on Wednesdays, etc.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Some cleaning tasks, such as washing the windows or cleaning out the fridge, don’t need as much attention as others. So, you can allott one day out of the month to work on them. By completing these monthly tasks, you can be sure to keep your home fresh and clean.

We have a cleaning schedule example in our August blog post. Want to make your own cleaning schedule? Check out Pinterest for other templates and examples that you can use to help you manage the madness!

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