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Now that school is well under way, you’ve probably started getting used to having the kids out of the house for the day. But how can you make sure that they have all the supplies and necessities they need for doing their homework when they come home? The answer: a homework station! Easy to customize and inexpensive to create, this organized structure is a fun way to keep your supplies together while even get the kids involved in decorating their new space. Simply gather a shallow, flat basket and as many empty mason jars as you deem fit to get started! You can customize and decorate your basket with ribbon, glitter or paint. You can even allow each of your children to create their own homework station for different desks or rooms if they are at different ages and require different materials.

There are no rules when it comes to what you and your children decide to keep in their newest domain, and so many different options only leave room to adapt with each week’s homework focus; math, science and everything in between! Not only is a homework station an innovative way to keep your children’s homework supplies in one place, but it can help to signify when it’s time to get their thinking caps on and get down to business. Placing it on the table can condition your child to associate a time of day with their homework, just from seeing the colorful basket in the designated spot you’ve chosen in your home.

With so many different subjects to study at school, the types of supplies you need may change on a weekly basis. Keeping that in mind, using mason jars and a label maker or colored ribbon can be a great way to switch out materials including:
Pencils (colored and graphite)

  • Scissors
  • rulers
  • paper clips
  • Highlighters
  • markers,crayons or colored pencils

You can also customize empty file boxes for either side of your station to hold lined paper, sticky notes, and extra folders. Not to mention, one of the file boxes could hold graded papers for that week’s good grades! This extra recognition for all of their hard work also provides an accessible place to reach their previous assignments in case they need it to study. By finding cute and creative ways to include your children in organization, you can stay clutter free while also instilling the values of responsibility and excitement in your child for completing their homework.

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