Wipe down the counters. Change the sheets. Vacuum the rugs. Mop the floors. Dust. 

These are just a few of the basics that need to get done when it comes to cleaning your house. Then when you look at your busy calendar, you think to yourself, “When am I really going to have time to do all of this?” 

And the more you think about it, the more you come to the realization that you could probably use some help to make sure your home is looking like you want it to

Of course, when it comes to having a cleaning service come to your home, there are some decisions that need to be made, and one of them is: How often should I have my house cleaned?

To help you figure out what’s going to work for you and your home cleaning needs, take some time to answer these questions.

What Does Your Budget Allow?

The size of your home determines how much most cleaning services will charge to clean your house. But you will want to take into account what your budget allows. Mini Maid offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time cleanings. Mini Maid can provide you with a free online quote, and you can then use that information to decide on what matches your budget. 

What Is Your Household Like?

Do you have children that might leave things a bit messy? Or pets that shed? Do you love to cook a lot and, perhaps, your kitchen tends to get a little dirty by the end of the week? There are lots of household factors that can contribute to how often you’d like your home cleaned so keep them in mind as you make a decision on frequency.

How Clean Do You Want Your Home to Be?

The answer that we most often hear is “Cleaner than it is now!” – and we understand. We’ll always leave your home looking spectacular and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

But in between visits, you need to decide how clean you want your home to be. If you want your home looking its best all the time more frequent cleanings may be necessary. Or, if you can let a few things “slide” until your Mini Maid crew arrives for your next cleaning you may be able to space your appointments out more.

And remember, you can always change how frequently your home is cleaned by contacting us. We’re happy to adjust your appointments based on your needs.

How Much Cleaning Do You Want To Do Between Visits?

If you’re like most of our clients, the response is “As little as possible.” And if time is a precious commodity for you, then don’t worry. Mini Maid can be there as often as you want or need us.

But if you don’t mind running a vacuum between visits or some other basic household cleanings, you might not need Mini Maid as often. 

If you’re unsure, you could always start with a monthly cleaning and then we can adjust from here.

Mini Maid Has Options

The important thing to remember is that Mini Maid has options. Based on all of these considerations, Mini Maid can help you find a schedule that works for you!

If you’re ready to take cleaning your home off your to-do list, then contact Mini Maid today. We can provide you with a free online quote or answer any questions you may have about our services. 

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