Winter is in full swing, and although it’s highly unlikely we’ll see any snowfall in North Central Florida, that doesn’t get us off the hook from making some seasonal adjustments to ensure safety and efficiency in our homes. We may not be shoveling sidewalks or scraping ice off of windshields, but here’s a few helpful tips for ways to effectively “winterize” your Florida home.

  1. Freezing pipes cracking or bursting may happen more often in colder regions, but Floridians do occasionally experience those rare winter storms that can truly wreak havoc on our pipes if we are not properly prepared. This is because the pipes in many of our homes, particularly older homes, aren’t buried very deep underground and our water pipes are typically not effectively insulated against the freezing temperatures. So, with the possibility of an overnight freeze looming, it’s a good idea to have your plumbing and pipes professionally inspected. If a freeze warning or freeze does occur, be sure to wrap your pipes so that they don’t burst overnight. Also, consider allowing your indoor faucets to drip very slightly if the temperature does drop below freezing. This will help prevent your water supply pipes from freezing!
  1. Be sure to fully clean out your home’s gutters and to trim back tree branches to ensure they are not touching your roof. (This is good advice for all times of year, but is particularly important during the coldest months.)
  1. Change out your air filters if you have not done so recently (ideally, this should be done at least every 3 months) to ensure good air quality and air flow throughout your home.
  1. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans so that they are moving clockwise to help push warm arm down into the rooms of your home.
  1. Check and replace all smoke alarm batteries. This should be done every 6 months at a minimum and is particularly urgent during the winter months when home fires are more likely to occur.
  1. Seal any leaks that may exist around your home’s door exteriors, windows, outlets and anywhere else where cold air may seem to be seeping in. If your house does not have storm windows, consider using window insulator kits. (These are simple to install and can be found at any local home improvement store for around five dollars.)
  1. Double check the insulation in the attic of your home to ensure it is a minimum of 12 inches deep. You should also vacuum out all ducts to maintain excellent air quality throughout the house. Both of these actions are a small inconvenience in exchange for helping to save you money on your heating costs all season long.

If you find yourself falling behind on your housework due to the addition of these winterizing tasks on your “To Do” list, or if you just want a little more time to relax this winter, Mini Maid is always here to help take the cleaning off your plate! You can contact us at (352) 374-4141 to schedule a team cleaning, or visit us here to request a free online cleaning quote for your home.

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