mini maid gainesville - if all-purpose cleaning products could be Disney characters.Mr. Clean. Who better to represent the strong, pristine cleaning product better than the Genie from Aladdin. His Magic Eraser scrubs all of our messiest nightmares away and makes all of our clean dreams come true!

mini maid gainesville - disneyClorox. This Disney Princess probably used this product while scrubbing the floors of her retched stepmother’s house. You guessed it, Cinderella! Cinderella was always trying to brighten the lives of the people (and animals) around her. Clorox also claims to value the life and wellbeing of animals, too! They recently started a campaign to save frogs from a deadly fungus.

mini maid gainesville - disney 3Pin-Sol. Pinocchio. Who knows more about cleaning wood than someone who is made of it? And when your hardwood floors become “fabricated” with dirt (maybe even a few lies) Pine-Sol will not only keep the mess from “growing,” but will wipe the slate clean.

mini maid gainesville - disney 2Windex. Jacques from Finding Nemo. Just like Windex, Jacques is committed to leaving glass spotless and streak free. Because Jacques is a French cleaning shrimp, his life’s purpose is to fight off scum and bacteria away, which is the primary function of Windex.

mini maid gainesville - disney 4Seventh Generation. Pocahontas and Seventh Generation have quite a few things in common. Seventh Generation cleaning products is conscious
of the health of “every rock, and tree, and creature.”

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