The sun is shining and spring is here! Don’t let dust, mildew and grime take over the fresh air. During the winter, it is easy to let dust accumulate and the clutter take over. At Mini Maid, we value the importance of a clean home to help you be as productive as possible in other areas of your life. We have compiled a list of the top ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of spring cleaning. As always, you can call Mini Maid Gainesville to give you a kickstart!

Do pay attention to overlooked surfaces. Think baseboards, walls and door frames. These surfaces accumulate dust and fingerprints and should be cleaned at least once a year. You can wash them with a soft sponge and squirt of dishwashing liquid mixed in a bucket of warm water.

Do pressure wash the exterior of your home. Doing this will not only make your house look awesome, but it will help get rid of mold or mildew that feeds on grime. Take caution if the exterior of your house is made of a softer material like wood, in which you may want to look into hiring a professional to help.

Do vacuum before mopping or cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen. Both of these areas accumulate moisture and dust, making them harder to clean. Vacuuming before mopping the floors and wiping down the counters will make the cleaning process easier and your mop or cloth won’t rack up and spread the dust.

Don’t clean windows on a sunny day. Although your windows look the clearest with a bright sun shining through, it is much more effective to clean them on a cloudy day. With the heat of the Florida sun, the cleaning solution you spray on your windows will dry too fast, leaving streaks.

Don’t use too much product. It’s tempting to use a lot of cleaning solution if your home is long overdue for a deep cleaning. Using too much product can leave a sticky residue on whatever surface you’re cleaning and it also can be very abrasive. Never exceed the recommendation on the label, which will also save money in the long run. Remember, sometimes less is more!

Don’t let the clutter take over! Take the time to go through all of your bathroom cabinets, kitchen pantry and bedroom closets to get rid old or expired items. Keep this process organized by designating a box for donations, a box for garage sale items and a big garbage bag for unnecessary clutter.

Good luck on giving your household a spring-time spruce up! If you don’t have time to complete all of your spring cleaning alone, Mini Maids of Gainesville are here for you! Call for a free quote today!


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