Spring is synonymous with a few things. Greener grass. Flowers blooming. Birds chirping. Warmer weather. And, of course, spring cleaning.

While it may not be your favorite part of spring, it is a great time to give your home some extra love and attention and here are a few tips to help you do just that!

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule will allow you to designate specific times to tackle certain tasks. Think about what you can get done in 15–30 minute blocks of time and start there. Additionally, tackle those chores you don’t like first. It will give you a feeling of personal satisfaction and give you some motivation to continue on.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Lots of times, you will find that your home is not dirty but that you’ve become a victim of clutter. This spring, why not get rid of some of the clutter? You’ll find that your house is much better organized, and you have fewer places and items that need dusting or cleaning.

Start at the Top    

It’s recommended that in each room you clean, you start from the top and work down. This means starting from the ceiling (with light fixtures and fans) and then moving to cabinetry, counters and tables, and then to the floor. When you clean like this, any debris or dust from the higher areas of a room can fall to the floor and be swept up at the end.

Give Those Neglected Areas Some Love

Everyone has those areas of their home that they seem to skip over or only clean once in a blue moon. How about giving them some attention this spring? Here are a few things you might clean:

o   Windows

o   Walls  

o   Blinds

o   Curtains/Drapes

o   Baseboards

Check out our “Have You Cleaned These Spots Lately?” for some additional areas in your home to clean.

Clear and Clean the Refrigerator

Take the time to clear everything out of your refrigerator and give it a good cleaning. Be sure to throw away expired items and wash off sticky containers before returning them to the fridge. Most parts of the fridge are easier to clean by pulling them out and washing in the sink with soap and water,

Check the Oven

Have you spilled things in your oven?  Did you have a lasagna overflow? And now, is there burnt lasagna in the bottom of your oven? Take the time to clean it now so that the flavor of future dishes isn’t affected by the mess in your oven. Most ovens have a self-cleaning feature that, when run, only requires a quick wipe down to remove the residue without having to use a harsh oven cleaning product,

Empty the Cabinets and Pantry

When was the last time you emptied your cabinets and pantry? If it’s been a while, take everything out and get rid of the dust and crumbs that may be there. If the entire kitchen seems overwhelming, consider starting with just one. You will likely feel inspired to do another!

Control the Chaos of the Junk Drawer

Raise your hand if you have a junk drawer. Now raise your hand if it’s out of control. It happens and quickly. But, if you pick up a few small baskets or a silverware tray at the local dollar store, you can get that drawer looking good and functional!

Move the Furniture

Now is a fantastic time of year to move all of the furniture and vacuum, sweep, and mop as needed. You might be surprised by how much stuff can collect under a couch or chair.

Dust Your Ceiling Fans

Before the weather gets extremely hot, dust off your ceiling fans. You don’t want dust bunnies flying off when you need to turn them up to high in the heat of the summer.

If you’re ready to get your house in tip-top shape for spring, then let the spring cleaning begin! And if you’re ready to say, “Nah…I don’t feel like it!” then call Mini Maid! We’d be happy to send in our trained professionals to get your home looking its absolute best! Call us at: 352-374-4141

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