Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, hotels are a part of most trips out of town. Staying at a resort or hotel can be a great way to relax and recharge — but it can be tough to kick back when you’re worried about germs that may be lurking in your hotel room! Studies have shown that whether you’re staying at a five star resort or a roadside motel, germs will be around no matter what. But you don’t have to let worries about germs and bacteria ruin your trip!


Here are a few simple tips to help you reduce the number of germs in your home away from home:


Check In, Then Check the Place Out!

Once you’ve entered your hotel room, take a few minutes and simply look around. During your initial inspection, check for signs that your room could have been overlooked by housekeeping. Telltale signs include full trash cans, unmade beds and unfolded linens. If you encounter any of these issues, speak with the hotel concierge immediately to request a new room!


Clean & Sanitize

Next, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and sanitize your room!  


  • Bathroom – Get out your disinfectant spray and wipes and start with the obvious location — the bathroom! Be sure to wipe down the toilet seat, cabinet handles, faucets and countertops.


  • Remote Control – Just thinking about how many people have touched the buttons on the remote should have you in a hurry to wipe them down with antibacterial wipes. Also consider other frequently touched items, such as door knobs, microwave buttons, closet doors and the telephone.


  • Bed – Before sitting or placing your belongings on the bed, be sure to check for bedbugs, as they’re unfortunately becoming a more and more common presence in hotels. Pull back the sheet and look for bedbugs at each corner of the mattress. It’s also a good idea not to use the hotel’s bedspread or duvet cover. Unlike sheets, hotel bedspreads may not be washed after each guest stay. (Yuck!)


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