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The beauty of nail polish remover is that it can do more than just remove pretty polish from fingers and toes. Nail polish remover is considered an “organic solvent” that is primarily composed of acetone and alcohol, which are perfect for disinfecting and removing scuff marks or stains. By dabbing a little bit of 100 percent acetone nail polish remover on a white rag, great things can be accomplished.

Shine those shoes. Did your husband forget to get his shoes shined before the big interview? No worries. Nail polish remover can be used as a quick fix to remove some of the scuff marks and stains found on leather dress shoes.

Remove super glue. If you thought that it would be impossible to remove this fast-acting adhesive, think again. The acetone in nail polish remover reacts with the chemicals in the glue to dissolve the bond the glue creates. If you happen to the glue on you skin, just mix warm, soapy water with the acetone and apply to the skin. Make sure to peel (and not pull!) the glue off the skin. Apply some lotion to the skin to keep it from drying and flaking.

Clean tile. Nail polish remover works hard on tough stains commonly found on grout and ceramic tile in the bathroom. Scrub like you would with a cleaner and wipe away with warm soapy water. DO NOT use nail polish remover to clean any wood surface. The acetone will take the finish off of the wood. It can also be used to take off the water ring stains in the bathtub.

Remove sticker residue. About to sell your car and you have to get rid of that catchy Satchel’s pizza bumper sticker? Have no fear, acetone is here! Whether you need to remove a sticker from a mirror or a bumper sticker from your car, nail polish remover can take away the annoying white film that’s left over from an old sticker. Just splash some nail polish remover on a rag and scrub away!

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