The Fourth of July holiday is right around the corner, and if it’s your turn to host the family gathering or neighborhood get-together, you’re in luck! Team Impact at Mini Maid has put together this list of easy tips to help make sure your patriotic party goes off without a hitch.

  1. Delegate Side Dishes! If the gathering you’re planning is on the larger side, as Fourth of July parties tend to be, it’s not a bad idea to consider catering in some side dishes to save you a little time and hassle. Or, better yet, why not ask friends and family know to each bring a simple side dish or dessert, potluck-style? That way, you can just focus on providing the quintessential Fourth of July burgers and hot dogs, and feeding your large crowd will be stress-free!
  2. Classic Decor is a Must! Part of the fun of any Fourth of July party is the familiar and nostalgic red, white and blue motif. We suggest keeping it relatively simple, with patriotic streamers and bunches of balloons placed in eye-catching areas. Also, have some fun with table decorations like these simple DIY ideas.
  3. Don’t Skimp on the Sparklers! Not many types of fireworks are legal for use in Florida, but luckily Sparklers, the fun and iconic hand-held firework, are legal and totally safe when used as directed. Have several boxes on hand for when dusk comes around and you’ll instantly have everyone in a celebratory mood. Sparklers are an especially big hit with the kids (so be sure to keep an eye out for safety!)
  4. You Can’t Beat Red, White & Blue Treats! A great way you can add to the festive atmosphere while also keeping the kids occupied (not to mention increasing the availability of yummy snacks for guests to much on!) is to set up a fun station for kids to decorate plain sugar cookies, strawberries or other simple treats with red, white and blue frosting, sprinkles and anything else you’d like. Here’s a couple tasty examples we came across.
  5. Get Some Help with the Clean-Up! Once guests have gone, tables have been cleared and leftovers have been put away, there’s no doubt you’re going to be beat! Why not schedule a one-time Mini Maid cleaning for the day following your party and treat yourself to the luxury of relaxing after the big shindig? We’ll take care of the dirty floors, kitchen counters, loading the dishwasher and more. Call today to book your Team Impact cleaning crew ahead of time, as July 5th is sure to be a busy day for us! Call (352) 374-4141, or click here for a free online quote.


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