Are you thinking of putting your home on the market? If the answer is yes, then you’ve probably got a list a mile long of things you need to get done to make your home “show ready.” And that’s good because putting in a little work on the front end will help you get top dollar for your home.

Of course, the list may be so long that you’re not even sure where to start! Lucky for you, here are some great tips that will help you show your home at its best and set yourself up for a quick sale.


If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you’ve probably amassed quite a few things. It happens. But potential buyers don’t want to see clutter when they come to your home so it’s time to get rid of it. Box up anything and everything that you want but that you’re not currently using and put it in storage or ask a friend or family member to hold for you. Get rid of anything you no longer use or need and throw away anything that’s broken and just taking up space.


Potential home buyers want to picture themselves living in your home. So, don’t let them see tons of family photos, personal papers and mail while they’re walking around your house. Put these things away, so you create a clean slate for buyers.


Once you’ve decluttered and depersonalized, it’s time to organize. Buyers are going to open your closets, your cabinets, and your refrigerator. They’re going to check it ALL OUT – and you want it to look neat and clean. 

Color coordinate the clothes in your closet. Make sure all of your plastic storage (Tupperware) is stored neatly. And be sure the refrigerator and oven are tidy.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your home clean is crucial when people are coming to walk through. Nobody wants to find dust bunnies or dog hair or see a messy sink. Be sure to schedule weekly cleanings with Mini Maid to make sure your home is looking great. You can even schedule “quick” cleanings to keep the common areas clean and keep costs down. And, before you walk out the door each morning, do a quick walk around and tidy things up – just in case you get notified that someone wants to see your home. 

Make It Bright

Be sure that your home is nice and bright for prospective buyers. Turn on lamps and ceiling lights and make sure that shades and curtains are open so that plenty of natural sunlight can come in.

Make It Smell Fabulous

Do you know what your home smells like? Or have you become nose blind? You definitely want to make sure your home has an appealing scent. Regular cleanings can help keep smells out of your home (like pet smells), and real estate agents always suggest baking some cookies or cinnamon buns to make a good impression.

Create Some Curb Appeal

Take a look at the outside of your home and make sure you’ve got some curb appeal to welcome buyers. Fresh mulch, flowers, a welcome mat, and a wreath on your door can help you do this.

Make a Great First Impression

Potential buyers will most likely enter through your front door, so focus on making a good impression there. Create a beautiful entryway that welcomes them right from the start.

Hire a Fantastic Real Estate Agent

Finally, hire a great real estate agent that will help you from start to finish. Ask friends and family for recommendations and interview several agents until you find the right one for you.

Getting your home ready to sell doesn’t have to stress you out when you use these tips! You’ll have your home looking great in no time and, hopefully, sold before you know it!

If Mini Maid can help you keep your home clean during this time, just let us know. We pride ourselves on making your home look its very best. Eugene Brandner, a client, said, “Great hard working people and the house has never looked so clean.” (Facebook Review) We can do that for you!

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