“Give your stress wings and let it fly away.” – Terri Guillemets

Raise your hand if you occasionally feel stressed? 

Who doesn’t? But letting it “fly away” isn’t always easy. And while you might say, “I just don’t let it get to me,” learning ways to handle the stressors, or even eliminate them when possible, is what’s important. After all, you want some ways to deal with stress, so it doesn’t overrun your life. 


Exercise seems to be the answer to so many things, and it even works when you are stressed. Studies have shown that exercise releases endorphins, which are the neurotransmitters that tell your brain to feel good. Additionally, exercise has been proven to boost your self-confidence and decrease the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. So, find an activity you like to do and get out there and do it!

Eat a Balanced Diet

This is another piece of advice that seems to work wonders for a myriad of problems – including stress. A balanced diet can strengthen your immune system, stabilize your mood, and lower your blood pressure. Do you have a balanced diet?


A good laugh can also release endorphins – which means when you’re feeling stressed, it’s a great time to watch a comedy, share a joke, or call a friend who always gets you laughing. 

Outsource Things That Drain Your Energy

There are all sorts of things that can drain your energy and leave you feeling stressed. But, if you find that certain things, like grocery shopping, meal prep, lawn care, or house cleaning are on that list – consider outsourcing them.

Mini Maid can take house cleaning off your list of tasks that need to be done – leaving you more time to focus on the things you love. And, that’s sure to decrease your stress. 


You may be thinking, “I’m not really the type of person who meditates,” but you may want to reconsider. Even a few minutes of meditation can bring a sense of calm to a crazy day. And there are lots of apps that can help!

Just Say “No”

If you’ve ever agreed to do something and then regretted it later because it left you feeling stressed, it may be time to practice saying, “No.” This is definitely a skill that requires practice but could leave you feeling better in the long run, once you have it mastered.

Avoid Procrastination

Being crunched for time can certainly trigger stress. That’s why the simple act of not procrastinating on tasks – even hard ones – can help. Not sure how to do this? Check out these 11 practical ways to stop procrastinating

Spend Time With Friends and Family

Carnegie Mellon University conducted a study that found spending time with family and friends can decrease stress. If you’re wondering how, it showed that when you are stressed and reach out to your family and friends to discuss problems or engage in other healthy activities, you avoid participating in activities that impact your health negatively.

Find a Hobby

Do you have a hobby? Something you like to do outside of work that brings you joy or relaxation? If not, it’s time to find one. Hobbies are great stress relievers as they allow your brain to focus on something you enjoy – not the problems you may be facing. 

Stay Positive

Staying positive may be the most essential way to combat stress in your life. That old saying, “Attitude is everything,” is right on. If you can maintain a healthy outlook – even during the most difficult of times – your stress level will decrease.

Don’t let the daily stresses of life keep you from doing all that you want to do. When you can reduce or eliminate stress, you’ll find that many aspects of your life will improve.

If Mini Maid can help you take away the stress of house cleaning, give us a call. We’ve been serving Gainesville, Alachua, parts of High Springs, Melrose, Micanopy, and eastern portions of Newberry since 1994, and we’d love the opportunity to bring our services to you.

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