Thanksgiving is almost here.  The families are coming, friends are stopping by and everyone is anticipating the fabulous gourmet meal sitting at a table right out of House Beautiful.

Not there yet?  Don’t panic.  Keeping the house cleaning and neat all while planning and shopping and cooking is overwhelming.  But by following a few simple tips, and sticking to them, keep the house presentable while enjoying the holiday will be easier than you think.

Best Offense is a Good Defense
Scan the room.  Take out the clutter.  Don’t need 7 back issues of Sports Illustrated? Toss em.  Flip flops still at the back door?  Put them away. Use those drawers, find space in the cabinets.  Clutter free spaces are way easier to keep clean and keep you calm.

Focus. Focus. Focus.
Put your time into the areas where your guests will be.  Right now, the bedroom closet can wait.  Focus on the family room, bathrooms and of course the dining room, since you probably haven’t used it since last Thanksgiving!  Save the kitchen for last… you know you still have to eat before the big Thursday meal.

Bring in the troops
Kids can do more than you think.  Make a new family rule that should take you into the New Year!  Place a basket on the stairs where all items that belong upstairs get put each day.  Announce the new family rule that NO ONE is allowed to pass the basket without bringing something up.  Soon, you’ll be even more clutter-free.  Oh, and baseboards?  Perfect for the height-challenged.  Tell them to grab a cloth and go for it!

Enlist a professional
Still not where you want to be?  If you find you do need help and want that extra set of hands – give Mini Maid a call.  You take care of the planning and cooking, we’ll take care of the cleaning.  Even if it’s just for the holiday.

Relax and Enjoy
At the end of the day, Thanksgiving is about sharing and enjoying each other, not about how your house looks.  Take the time to talk, taste and listen.  You’ll be thankful you did.


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