Are you ready for some serious spring cleaning? Check off these tasks to leave your home looking fresh and spotless!

               1. Dust from top to bottom.

This should always be your first step so you don’t get dust on a freshly vacuumed floor. Be prepared with cleaning wipes, paper towels, old rags and a step stool. Don’t forget to dust:

  • Television screens

  • Ceiling fan blades

  • Blinds

  • Bookshelves (and the books you haven’t touched in years)

  • The tops of cabinets and items inside the cabinets

  • Picture frames

  • Lamp shades

               2. Clear out the attic, junk drawers & storage closets.

It seems like every year you acquire even more Christmas towels and tacky sweaters. You can either bring your unwanted items to a consignment store—and earn a deduction against your income tax—or host a garage sale.

               3. Vacuum couches.

You’ll likely need a second set of hands to help you clean underneath your couches. Then, remove the couch cushions to vacuum the frame. At this point, you’ll rediscover lost toys, single socks and a small fortune in loose change. Have a trash can handy for easy cleaning and disposal.

              4. Clean carpets.

If you want a deep cleaning, your typical vacuuming routine might not do the trick. After spot cleaning and vacuuming, consider renting a steam cleaner from your local home improvement store. If you have never used a steam cleaner before, you might need to hire a cleaning service to do so

             5. Wipe down walls.

You’ll be amazed by how much dirt collects on your walls. Move furniture to the center of the room and lay down towels to keep your floor dry. Believe it or not walls collect dust, especially behind furniture, so use a dry rag to remove the built-up dust.

             6. Clean out the kitchen.

Empty out your fridge, wipe down the inside and wash removable inserts. Organize your tupperware and get rid of anything you can’t find a lid for. Consider donating old pots and pans, mismatched silverware and any cooking tools you don’t use.

             7. Organize your bathroom closet.

Now is the time to get rid of old towels and washcloths. You can convert some of your worn washcloths into cleaning rags, or donate your towels to a local animal clinic. Sort through your cosmetics, hair products, and shower gels to figure out what you need to keep. When you have your closet mostly empty, you can wipe down shelves and reorganize.

             8. Scrub the oven & stove.

These appliances can be tricky to clean, but you’ll be rewarded with a spotless kitchen!

Of course, not everyone has the time or the patience to execute a proper spring cleaning. And that’s where Mini Maid can help! We put meaning behind our cleaning, so call us today and schedule your service.


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